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About Us

As one of the leading local businesses in the San Paulo area and beyond , we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. Our CTO was responsable for the largest projects in Latam up US$600M using largest wide set of updated technology that certerly will help you and your company to be even greater. Get in touch today to learn more.

IT Workforce: We count with more than 150 people in outsourcing regimen plus our local team in almost all IT fields with large number of certifications.

Digital transformation challenges? Mainframe way out? Sap implementation or integrations problems? Planning agile roadmap to cloud? Microservices? BigData?  We eager to help you !

Aurora  StarChain 


 We provide all-encompassing Blockchain Cloud base PaaS digital software applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytical reporting, HRIS and Recruitment, Digital Payment Gateway that truly completes and complement the convergence of our own Blockchain PaaS and Digital Payment Gateway Technology (portfolio available) and wi IoT cloud based systems.  Smart cities at your company doors

Future Tech Just Now 

Aurora StarChain Main Services

Exceeding Your Expectations in SOA,BigData and Microservices too


Artificial Inteligence

Aurora will help you to create a complete Data Lake / BigData ecosystem, local or in the cloud,  that will concentrate all your business data using market consolidate technique of Data Science like Machine Learning and Deep Learning on Tensorflow Framework to create models to sugest you the best decision for your business like we used in our own products



Aurora in partnetship, already have a create low cost financial portfolio that your company can jump in front of the competition just now ! Ask for a presentation and take a look how those products works on ours Demo already available. Ask for demostration today !

There is more below!

We have R3 Corda and IBM Hyperledger

Certifications !


Internet of Thing

If you need to collect data from any device that provide real time data collect from your business, Aurora will help to introduce or increase this tech that increase the usability of this data in collection for IA or send orders to you remote device like a robot or just turn off your house light . This tech provide a smart city ecosystems when every services will be provide automatically and bring the future to us just now.


Customer Support

We combine IoT, Blockchain and AI to make the cities a better place to live, enjoy your life  and raise your children and for the next step in the industry: INDUSTRY 4.0

All our projects were designed to be easily internationalized and collaborate each other to create the next generation of Smart Cities and Farms.

Aurora BlockChain Financial Services

With our partner we bring to you others blockchain products for finantial and other industries.

ALL FINANTIAL PRODUCT ARE READY TO USE. Also are  independent of cloud's vendor and could be deploy in public, hybrid or private ( you own datacenter !)       Power by Hyperledge and Corda


B2B Virtual Cards

Complete Blockchain based

  • Cash back in the payments process

  • Simple payment channel for merchants

  • Improved cash flow to merchants


Blockchain Payment Engine

Max security excelent performance

  • Connect with Switch using native interface 

  • Secured transactions in Blockchain

  • Multiple value added features


Remittance Platform

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Visa and MasterCard Payments API

  • Remittance Float Management

  • Use of Prepaid cards & Mobile Wallets

  • Solution Security with Blockchain Platform


Supplier Finance System

Next Level Service

  • End-end Invoice Finance Platform

  • Setup  & Calculate Commissions, Interests.

  • A/R Maintenance, Payment Processing

  • Closed Loop, Open Loop payments

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Aurora BlockChain Financial Services II

Exceeding Your Expectations


QR Code Acquiring System

Complete Blockchain based

  • Customer and Merchant QR Code originations

  • Real time card originated financial transaction

  • Card Tokenization on Blockchain platform.

Fraud Management System.jpg

Fraud Management System

Max security excelent performance

  • In-line, post authorization and batch transaction assessment

  • ATM, POS, MOTO, Online, Mobile

  • Unlimited business rules set-up

  • Dashboard and Switch notification


Face Recognition Engine

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Over-the-Web face recognition and authentication Engine 

  • Open source computer vision and machine learning software library

  • Blockchain platform for enhance authorization integrity

Centralized Bill Payment System.jpg

Centralized Bill Payment System

Next Level Service

  • One-stop bill payment for customers

  • Bank agnostic platform

  • Web and Mobile UI

  • Payment gateway and IVR included

  • ATM and smart kiosks interfaces

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Aurora BlockChain Financial Services III

Exceeding Your Expectations


Card and Bank Accounts Tokenization Engine

Tokenization  is the process of substituting a sensitive data element with a non-sensitive equivalent

  • Generic Tokenization Engine for Cards and Accounts

  • Private Blockchain platform

  • Card Platform and Core Banking System integration

  • Support on-us and off-us cards

Transactional-analysis (1).jpg

Intelligent Transaction Analysis

Max security excelent performance

  • Real time transaction analysis

  • Real time contextual product cross-sell

  • Tailor made proactive product advocacy

  • Unlimited Rules creation

PFM Mobile App.jpg

PFM Mobile App

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Contextual Graphical Advice

  • Analyze Spend behavior

  • Manage Personal Finance Products

  • Card to card payments (Visa and MasterCard)

Centralized Bill Payment System.jpg

Post Trade Platform

Next Level Service

  • Web View for post trade transactions

  • Collaboration Portal for Brokers, Custodian Banks

  • Calculate provisional post-trade charges 

  • Reports generation with ISO15022 format

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Loyalty & Cassino


Complete Tokenization and block

chain management hospital sys


Our multicurrency/cybercoin instantaneous payment module ISettler that use Ripple/Swift bank network is also compatible with the Instantaneous payment PIX open platform from Brazilian Central Bank. 

Our Financial Blockchain Portfolio Demo

Demo Modules

  • Wallets and Cards Management

  • Retails Payment

  • Money Transfers

  • E-Commerce Marketplace

  • Loyalty Management

  • Custon and Merchant  Portal


Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese in WebBrowser and mobile

Ask for demo


ask for user in  "Get in touch"form or drop and email at


Our Others Blockchain Demo

1) eCommerce Digital Card Application using payment through Blockchain Ethereum Demo

2). Supply Chain Management System using Hyperledger Sawtooth  Demo: ​

Ask for POC !



Our LeaderShip


Ricardo  is our Tech Guru. He was responsible for largest projects in USA (SiliconValley),India (Asian Silicon Valley) , UE Mexico and Latam "hand on" approach. He keep a huge number of certification always applied them with high success in his career. His skill came from Mainframe, SAP, BigData, IA, Microservices, Iot and Blockchain among others, at several industry field include the finantial and telco. He will be your partner in the journey to the digital transformation and blockchain road too. He is a Blockchain Cerfified Architect


Joao is our Comercial Partner Guru  mainly the Electric, Oil & Gas sectors. It develops activities such as physical inventory of facilities and equipment for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, refineries, telecom stations, telemetry, warehouses, laboratories, offices, among other areas of ancillary services and operational support, unitization of goods, preparation of asset registration and appraisals based on the regulations of the respective markets, management and supervision of projects and works.

+1600 Academy Mentions


Florian is German Executive with 20 years, experience with large and diverse international and national Companies in the Technology, Energy and Telecommunication Space. Is our European/Latam  representative for several verticals. 


Tania is our Financial and Marketing Guru. She is our money master and keeping spreading her sympathy among our client and negotiations.

Rosemary is our International Legal Partner Guru working based at USA and North America r. She is our law and contracts master and keeping spreading her sympathy among our client and negotiations too.

Our Not Only Financial   (GDPR complain)

pAll product share our instant international payment ISETTLER   system It accepts multiple currencies and multiple plans (loyalty, etc.) is based on the  currency and Swift / Ripple or tokenized credit card via our blockchain


Heading 2


Complete fleet management system, with control of the entire ticket fulfillment lifecycle with photographic evidence record, attendant car designation following the user-programmed dynamic business rules in BPM, calculates the most efficient route via AI as well.

Cost / route projection and drivers for workforce simulation, fleet cost control, fines and tolls, repairs, parts wear, etc. Communication between the parties via mobile and device IOT. Online crash monitoring, panic button for GEO-enabled police, winches and ambulances with AI-based wizards, automatic reading and interaction with vehicle electronics and speed alerts.  products.



This product using IOT will transform your city sidewalk in a clean and autonomic solar generation grid, with several others function include cooling and lighting without transmission spends.

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Global electronic product and commodity market, with full lifecycle control between participating companies (distributed supply chain) and optional step-by-step auctions (e-Commerce) between registered / homologated companies at each stage, with assistants based on artificial intelligence , reading and automatic interaction with electronic components when possible using IoT. The payment system accepts multiple currencies and multiple plans (loyalty, etc.) is based on any cryptographic and Swift / Ripple at very low price or tokenized credit card via our blockchain products.



IOT and AI-based system that transforms analogical signals into cognitive signals that interact with trafficking and pedestrians. It identifies the number of cars and pedestrians and takes the switch to prioritize one or the other depending on various coefficients among them the weather, schedules, etc. It includes integration with the IFLEET system to prioritize the traffic of vehicles, ambulances and other rescue vehicles.The project also can Snagging Parking Spaces, pirate conection in street lighting poles and parking ticket time.

Smart Cities system program.



Anti bureaucracy system is a pilot that use Blockchain, Open Law and documentation automation to speed up and optimization any administrative process using Ricardian Contracts (juridical value), Business Rules and digital signature include goverment


New generation of parking under development with partner, using object tracking with Cascade (Viola & Jones method) and ROI Segmentation (Region of Interest), created a parking control with excellent precision and with filter in the detection to avoid False positive and triggered alerts. The next generation will be at Cloud with Gluon-cv and Mxnet.



Human beings / Pets 24x7 health monitoring,with wearable sensors, system with AI based diagnostic integrations, with ambulance, medic, parents, parametric. The system will create an proximity alerts and the diagnostic will be distributed among the stakeholders. The payment system accepts multiple currencies and multiple plans (loyalty, etc.) is based on the cryptographic currency XRP  and Swift / Ripple or tokenized credit card via our blockchain products. Thermal detection for CORONAVIRUS. Project part of global movilization S.O.S. COVID-19  

de Saúde. Tenho certeza que pode ser implementado rapidamente para conter esse vírus em todos os países.

  • Basicamente utiliza câmeras térmicas de celulares ou fixas (já entrei em contato com o fabricante) para determinar a temperatura simultaneamente de várias pessoas.

  • As fotos térmicas e visuais vão para um modulo de AI na nuvem, que determina a temperatura e até face recognition.

  • Caso seja acima de XX (37 graus) envia a foto para o celular da segurança e plantão médico do local para isolamento e acumulação de estatísticas.

  • Podemos depois incluir acesso a lista de passageiros, registros civis etc. para levantamento de dados e acesso a seus familiares.

A parte de IA tenho já escrito para teste e o equipamento para celular e barato assim que acredito podemos pôr no ar em 2 semanas. Isso pode ser colocado na porta de locais de muita aglomeração de pessoas como aeroportos, rodoviárias, portos, shoppings, supermercados, hospitais, etc.

Rural Dining


This product use IOT /IS based for flock monitoring increasing milk´s production and calves with minimize disease 


Consist in a portal for selling and other that use AR (construction inspection using augmented reality) and import BIM data from Revit, Aevena Aire Flying Robotic Assistant indoor for large structures and Atlas for End-to-End 3D Scene Reconstruction from Posed Images. The instant comunication between Inspector Engenieer and the Client using ChatBot conversacional via Whatsup. Amazing project waiting for approval!!!



Our Partners.. and growing 


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              SOME OF OUR CLIENTS: 
World:ATT,Dell and Superior Court  of California  (USA)d, Orange(France)  Grupo Ferrocarril (Spain), Ericsson (Canada), Bank of the Armed Forces(Uruguay) , IonIdeia(India), Sena District and Secretary of Finance (Colombia) 
Brazil:HSBC,Citibank,Dasa,General Motors, Claro, CTBC Telecom, Vale, HealthManager,  BoaVista, Banco Bradesco, Itau,  ABN Amro Bank, Souza Cruz , Vivo, Net, Unibanco/Itaú,  TRF, Liquigas, Sabesp Distribuidora/Petrobras,Cielo, Secretaria da Fazenda- SP, Tim Brazil, Banco Santander, Brasilprev / Banco do Brasil,Boston Bank / Bank of America, Telefónica ,Nextel

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Some of our associations


Our ECIO and ICO offers.(comming)

Now proudly, with a partner, we can offer cyber coin exchange, foreign investment capture by offer your project. Please contact us about at 
We and our Partner offer:

- Average daily trading volume of $20,000,000
- P2P payments
- 200K+ registered traders
- Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs)
- Coin Private Sales
- Trading competitions & airdrops
- Public API

Thought : Why so many differents projects ? "Because we are a IT knowledge hungry slave and just we won't stop thinking in solution for a best world that just need investment to make happen !!!"

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